Passivhaus Windows UK

One of the most noticeable features of a Passivhaus is the use of expansive windows, letting natural light inhabit all spaces and rooms. Triple-Glazed Passivhaus Windows are feel-good guarantors in winter, insulating the property nearly as well as the walls. The impressive insulation properties result from highly developed thermal insulation glazing and special window frames, with the inner surface temperature never dropping below 17°C, even in frosty conditions.

Highly Insulated

All three panes of a Passivhaus window are wafer-thin and coated with metal particles which act as a heat blocker. The interspaces are filled with conductive inert (noble) gas. In addition to this, the frames are made of wood and aluminium sheeting with a polyurethane foam insulating core. Inside are air chambers, which make the windows and house wall thermally separate from each other. For further installation, there are special sealing tapes and other aids to avoid gaps and heat loss.

Comfortable Living

Passivhaus windows feature a ventilation system, which imperceptibly provides constant fresh air, ensuring no draughts and improved air quality. This window system also keeps warmth inside the house by using a highly insulated floor slab and roof for the window and building envelope. In terms of affordability, you will spend a considerably lower amount of money on heating your house per year due to the vast energy savings.

Passivhaus Windows From Solus Architectural Glazing

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