Oak Double Glazed Windows

Natural Beauty

Oak is one of the most important trees from which building components are made. The materials’ extreme hardness, long life and fine-pored surface mean that we find half-timbered buildings, made of oak, with an age of more than 500 years! When exposed to the elements for 2-3 years, a silver-grey patina develops giving the wooden features of a building a unique charm.

Highly Insulated

In combination with double glazing or an aluminium shell, oak windows offer the highest levels of sound and heat insulation. Double glazing provides better thermal insulation, as the airtight space between the panes is filled with gasses such as argon or krypton. A heat-insulating coating is additionally applied to the inside of the inner pane in order to improve the heat transfer coefficient (U-value) of the pane. As the wood itself is naturally insulating the energy savings are so clear that within a very short time the lower costs in heating will pay back your investment.

Environmentally Sustainable

Another benefit that is associated with bespoke oak windows is the fact that they are much more environmentally friendly when compared with PVCu. In fact, wooden windows come with a negative global warming potential (GWP), which means that, they are capable of lowering the amount of CO2 from the atmosphere over time.

UK Specialists in Oak Double Glazed Windows

If you like the sound of oak double glazed windows, you are going to love the selection we have available at Surrey Architectural Glazing. We specialise in bespoke windows that provide exceptional performance while enhancing the beauty of any property.

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