Flush Casement

Flush casement windows seem to be increasing in popularity in the UK, yet the design itself is a very traditional one. This style of window is one that sits flush within the frame when the window is closed, which creates a flat surface on the exterior of the property. At Solus Architectural Glazing, we specialise in high-end windows which enhance your property. We pair premium quality materials with sleek design to ensure your home is warm, light, and stylish at all times.


With so many customisation options available for windows, there are many factors that are considered when a quote is put together. The style of the window is only one contributing factor. You then have the materials that are used, whether you opt for double or triple glazing, and any other customisation factors, for example, any stain or paint that is used.

Solus Architectural Glazing provide a bespoke solution for flush fitting casement windows, meaning you can create a window that fits in with the style of your home, your own personal taste, and, of course, your budget.


The high level of customisation that is available means you can easily incorporate any number of high security locking mechanisms. Plus, the hardware is discreet; there is no hardware on show or any unsightly corners. And, of course, the main feature of this type of window is that there is a seamless look whenever the window is closed. From the classic appearance and flush fit to the slim-line profile and discreet hardware, there is a lot to love!

Highly Insulated When Combined With Double/Triple Glazing

In combination with double glazing or triple glazing, flush casement windows offer high levels of sound and heat insulation. Double glazing provides better thermal insulation, as the airtight space between the panes is filled with gasses such as argon or krypton. A heat-insulating coating is additionally applied to the inside of the inner pane in order to improve the heat transfer coefficient (U-value) of the pane.

A U-value of 0.4 to 0.8 is standard for windows with triple glazing and indicates a high energy efficiency. As a result, triple-glazed windows are six times more effective than single-glazed windows. This can be reflected in a saving of several hundred pounds a year in heating bills; therefore, paying off your investment over a short period and having an active contribution to environmental sustainability.

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