Best Triple Glazed Windows

Modern windows are no longer just used to keep out wind and weather. Rather, they can provide energy savings with triple glazing – and thus protect both the environment and your wallet. Solus Architectural Glazing offers a large selection of custom-made windows that can be designed down to the last detail to meet the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and sound insulation with low maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Encompassing the highest technical standards, triple glazed windows are true energy savers. The voids between the three layers of glass are filled with inert (noble) gases, such as argon and krypton, which significantly reduces heat loss (U-value). In addition, 2 of the 3 panes are coated with metal vapour, which reflects long-wave infrared light and thus prevents overheating of the internal space and ensures a balanced indoor climate.

A U-value of 0.4 to 0.8 is standard for windows with triple glazing and indicates a high energy efficiency. As a result, triple-glazed windows are six times more effective than single-glazed windows. This can be reflected in a saving of several hundred pounds a year in heating bills; therefore, paying off your investment over a short period and having an active contribution to environmental sustainability.

Sound Insulation

Effective sound insulation requires consideration of various factors. Triple glazing is particularly effective when there is a high joint density between the window frame and the wall. The joint density already contributes a lot to the noise protection, as cracks in the masonry have a negative influence on the noise reduction. The arrangement of the three individual glass panes can reduce external background noise by up to half.


The combined surface area of three transparent panes, in addition to a range of cladding options, (including superior natural timber, aluminium and wood-alu composite) makes triple glazed windows extremely strong; and therefore resistant to would-be intruders. Not only does steel offer great strength, security and durability, it also meets all relevant British Standards.

A final advantage of triple glazing is the optional, self-cleaning properties. Triple-glazed glass with a specialised nano-coating is dirt and rain repellent. Due to the coating rainwater runs off over and leaves no streaks on the windows. The smooth surface also ensures that dust and dirt does not stick to the surface, simplifying cleaning.

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