Accoya Wood Windows

Windows are an essential design element of every home. Wooden windows offer you a wide range of colours to give your house its individual personality.


Today, as raw material resources are becoming increasingly scarce and people’s environmental awareness is increasing, recoverability and environmental compatibility are increasingly important. While some wood species are naturally stable, the shelf life of others can vary. Accoya wood, on the other hand, is sustainable and reliably durable.

Accoya is a sustainably-sourced wood, FSC-certified, and holds the Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate awarded by the highly respected McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MDBC) organization.

UK Specialists in Accoya Wood Windows

At Surrey Architectural Glazing, we have a wide selection of windows, including Accoya wood windows. We offer a bespoke service, ensuring the windows are perfectly suited to your home, taste, and budget.

Stability and Beauty

Made of softwood from sustainable forestry, Accoya goes through a non-toxic process of acetylation, which continuously modifies and strengthens the wood to its core. The result is an environmentally friendly solid wood with above-average durability, dimensional stability and beauty that exceeds the qualities of the best tropical woods.

Dimensional accuracy can be defined as the degree to which wood retains its original dimensions under the influence of environmental changes. For many materials, temperature and humidity are critical factors. Accoya is ideal for demanding applications, such as windows and doors, where it’s important that tolerances stay the same regardless of year-round conditions.

Swelling due to moisture or shrinkage due to excessive heat and dryness can have unpleasant consequences: windows and doors can jam or form gaps through which internal heat is lost. The superior dimensional stability of Accoya wood windows surpasses all other wood species, including Teak, Sapele, Iroko and Western Red Cedar. In fact, Accoya wood was used in the window renovation of two thousand lighthouses across Europe!

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